Case Study


From September to October 2020



Client's needs:

Proof of concept/Mannagement and programming tasks through the Cisco Webex platform and IoT devices

Stacks/Technologies used:

.NET Core, C#, Cisco xApi, MongoDB, Python, REST Services, SQL Server.

Projecto de automação de tarefas

Proof of Concept

With this functionality challenge, we wanted to create automation of common desktop tasks through the Webex platform and IoT devices from Cisco. The idea was to leverage the capabilities of IoT sensors and apply them to perform various tasks, such as developing a room management module to check its capacity and capacity, turn the camera on and off for a meeting or adjust the room lights. Anything is possible!

Projecto de gestão de salas e lotação
Projecto de gestão de salas e lotação

Middleware with IoT features

This It was a short-term project, achieved mainly by the software development team, composed by one of our Fullstack Developers and DBA, and relying on our Agile Coach and Senior Developer inputs. The main challenge was trying a solution where we adopted a new approach. There was no path drawn between the beginning and the end. Since this was a free trial with no major client requirements, the developers’ team of developers focused on producing a middleware that would use the IoT functionalities to perform various automation processes, developing a software that would link all the functionalities. We worked side by side, using Scrum methodology, without the need to work with frontend or UX & UI.

Room and meeting management application

Based on the work developed other ideas came up, such as using the application to bridge with other IoTs and the possibility of providing the application user with "blocks" to enable the creation something customized.

Gestão de Activos (Assets management)

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