Case Study

FCI - Fish Control Innovation

October 2020


EEA Grants Programme - Blue Growth

General Manager of the Sea Policy

Client's needs:

To present new approaches to develop integrated ecological-economic fisheries management.

Stacks/Technologies used:

International Research Project

The FCI - Fish Control Innovation is a research project arising from the EEA Grants Programme in cooperation with Eastern European countries, namely Iceland, Norway and Lischenstein. This is a research project promoted by the General Manager of Sea Policy and aims to enhance technological development and increase knowledge on marine environment issues. AmphibianSoft sees this project as an opportunity to apply all its experience and specialised know-how in the field of information technologies and management software to the service of a greater good: the protection of the environment and marine ecosystems.

State of the art Technology for a Sustainable Fishing

The team started from a real problem to develop the whole concept of the project and to respond to an existing need in a particular sector: the modernisation of the fisheries sector. The project consists in the modernisation of Portuguese fish auctions, using state-of-the-art technology in obtaining, transforming, reading and storing data, as well as producing accurate information for strategic decision-making, aimed at achieving environmental and socio-economic improvements. Our goal is to create an application that contributes to an economically sustainable fishing, through the precise and computerized control of the quantity and quality of fish, reducing costs and respecting the species and marine ecosystems.

Data monitoring and analysis

In terms of software development, the project will be divided into several phases. In a first phase the whole system architecture will be designed and the data model developed using Code First. Subsequently, the entire application interface will be created, using UX & UI and respective prototyping. Through monitoring and data analysis, the FCI - Fish Control lnnovation project aims to optimise the operational costs of fishing activities, estimate the quantities of fish, analyse the fishing patterns and implement functionalities from the use of local image capture through high definition cameras in Portuguese auctions.

Rest Communication

Based on artificial intelligence, the system has the algorithmic ability to identify the species of fish supported by the specific characteristics of each species. All the data obtained at the collection points are communicated via the Internet through Rest services in order to complement all these usage scenarios described above, i.e. vessel identification, fish identification, fish categorisation and lot tag issuing.

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