Case Study

Assets Management

From October 2020 to January 2021



Client's needs:

Web Application to manage and control all the client’s assets and infrastructures using a geolocation platform and IoT technology.

Stacks/Technologies used:

.NET Core, C#, REST Services, SQL Server, TypeScript, React/Redux.

Projecto de Software Gestão de Activos (Assets management)

Assets management through geolocation and IoT technology

The objective of this project was to create a web application that allows the client to manage its assets, with the ability to administer and provide permissions and access to other users. One of the aspects of this project was to put these assets on a map through a geolocation platform. Being able to manage your assets, whatever they may be, and having information on them in real time, is the added value of using this application. Displaying these assets geographically on a map with filtering capabilities allows a more direct access to information, as opposed to the previous client data management process, which was mostly worked on, displayed, and saved onto an Excel sheet.

Code First approach

For this project, the team was composed by a Fullstack Developer, a Senior Developer and a Frontend Developer who tested the application - unitary/automatic and usage wise. We started working on the Backend, and then moved to the Frontend, through a code first approach. This approach, based on the API classes, automatically creates a data model, providing a higher development speed than in a classic approach. When the API was approaching completion, we began working on the Frontend part. We used some ready-made UI components (Material-UI) to accelerate the solution development. The frontend was quite simple, consisting of a page for login and password recovery and in the application itself, a dashboard where the administrator could enter, modify, delete, read data, and create user access. At a later stage, the designer produced the initial mock-ups that were submitted to the client’s validation.

Scrum Methodology

The solution was designed by our Agile Coach and Senior Development Vasco Galvão, - a Web Application created with DotNet Core, React, Redux and Typescript that would be the Frontend part of the solution. It communicated with a Dotnet core API that would be the backend and centre of the application, so to speak. This backend bridges with the SQL Server database. Some challenges emerged, but were easily overcome by the team, who was familiarised with the tools. It was the project where we used Scrum in a more substantial manner depth serious way, always adjusted to our team’s dimension.

Gestão de Activos (Assets management)

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